The Ultimate March Fantasy Game

12 players per team. The team with most collective points at the end of the tournament wins.

Join a League

How It Works

Like any game, the goal is to win. You'll pick 12 players that are playing the NCAA® Tourament. Your team's score is the combination of all of the points your players have scored in tournament games. You can choose high scorers that are on teams that may not make it past the first round, or you can choose average scorers on teams that you think will play many games in the tournament—or a combination of both. The game is simple, but it's guaranteed to make March even more exciting.

Live Draft

Our live draft application let's you choose your 12 players with confidence. You'll see the expected games a player will play based upon their seed in the tournament along with their point during a year. It's easy to use, and certainly beats getting on a conference call.

Automated Scoring

As players score in the tournament, you'll be able to see where your team ranks in your league. You can even download our mobile app to keep closer tabs on your team.